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Sometime on Saturday afternoon everyone was confused. The Frankfurt striker Sébastien Haller stopped several times during his goal celebration in Freiburg, because he did not know whether his goal counted or not. Sky commentator Wolff Fuss, the best of his profession, wondered in Bremen whether it would be 1-1 or 0-1. The Hamburg referee Patrick Ittrich, who had previously been corrected several times by the video assistant, accidentally showed Wolfsburg’s John Anthony Brooks red instead of yellow. And Nuremberg coach Michael Köllner recognized after his first game as a coach in the Bundesliga, the video proof was “a humbug”.

To contradict this is more difficult after this weekend than ever before. Starting with the crazy and decisive interpretation that Havard Nordtveit Bayern star Franck Ribéry from Hoffenheim had fouled eleven meters, the referees, who were standing on the squares and who were sitting in the basement in Cologne as video assistants, provided plenty of material for all opponents of the technical aids. The latter have turned their whistling colleagues into comrades who are pitied. “In the end I feel sorry for the people standing on the court with their different coloured jerseys because they have nothing more to say“, Köllner explained.

Best example: Ittrich was obviously so unsettled in Wolfsburg by the constant intervention of his video assistant Wolfgang Stark that he let himself be carried away to clear words against Schalke trainer Domenico Tedesco. He had been “insulted through“, Tedesco put on record. Ittrich contradicted this statement, “but if he feels offended, then I would like to apologize for it in all clarity“. The Hamburg Referee also declared: “I may have to write on the flag for the next time, not to react so emotionally anymore.

Sébastien Haller Honours

Eintracht Frankfurt

  • DFB-Pokal: 2017–18

Emotionality cannot be demonised per se, but it is not advisable for referees. Fans and players are robbed of positive emotions when the exception, the checking of a goal, becomes the rule.

So has the video proof failed? Does it have to leave immediately?

No. Technical aids make football fairer. And justice ultimately remains the highest good. The scandal about Robert Hoyzer, who was not only disgraced by HSV fans, would probably never have happened with video evidence; the Wembley goal of 1966 would never have been recognised. Technology can steer football – even in the right direction.

As a reminder, the video proof was used during the World Cup. In Russia, people from different continents communicated with each other via headsets. Quickly. Unmistakable. Almost always right.

But why do referees from Slovenia, Senegal or Iran master the video challenge far better than the previously so highly acclaimed German guild of the impartial? The Online Casino Review will also be changed because of this.

The answer is simple: because they abide by the rules of the game. They say, for example, that the video assistant only intervenes if there are crystal-clear wrong decisions. Taking responsibility for such a decision requires courage. But that’s exactly what the men in front of the screens in Cologne seem to lack. More and more often they let their colleagues dackle to the televisions on the sidelines themselves – according to the motto: “You, I don’t know either. Maybe the decision was wrong. Take a look for yourself again.

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Who interprets its Assistenzarbeit in such a way, which is no Helfender, no, which expresses itself before responsibility, instills uncertainty and displeasure. Among colleagues. Among fans. Among fans. Among players, Novoline Test is also a good game.

With intent? At least it seems as if the team spirit among German referees, who are in constant competition with each other, had been better.

Solving these problems is a question of leadership. Hellmut Krug is said to have spent two years as project manager preparing the German referees for the video evidence. In the meantime, the controversial jug has been removed and replaced by Lutz-Michael Fröhlich. But nothing has improved. How bitter.

In 2017, the DFB in the person of Deniz Aytekin had a referee whistle games in China. The Chinese should learn from the Germans. However, if our impartial players continue to do the same as in the past twelve months or so, it would not be wrong to initiate a reverse transfer of knowledge. Let us learn – from Schiris from Slovenia, Senegal or Iran, from Schiris who can do that with the video proof that can be so good and fair. If you know how to do it. Online betting bonus will be surely fun.